Real Estate

The Contrarian Real Estate strategy targets real estate and debt investment opportunities across the U.S. middle market.

Value enhancement real estate investing has been a key focus for Contrarian since the inception of the firm in 1995. Gil Tenzer, one of the three Contrarian Partners, is a 35-year real estate veteran, and spearheads the efforts of the firm in the real estate sector.

The Real Estate strategy focuses on long-term value creation by identifying inefficiently priced, real estate equity and debt investment opportunities spanning all the US property sectors and geographies, that can be improved through active management. Utilizing proprietary sourcing capabilities and leveraging an extensive network of high-quality operating partners, the Real Estate team seeks to pursue mid-sized value add and opportunistic investments (investment size is typically $10-25 million) that are generally overlooked by larger institutional investors.  While the team has a bottoms-up approach to sourcing and executing, portfolio construction is guided by a top down view on sectors, geographies and business plans. Contrarian’s ability to underwrite, diligence and close transactions quickly, on an all-cash basis, combined with a strong industry reputation for integrity, make the firm a preferred counterparty for sellers and joint venture partners that require certainty of execution.

Prospective real estate investments and joint venture opportunities should be referred via email to Gil Tenzer at [email protected]