The Real Estate Strategy

The Contrarian Real Estate strategy targets distressed real estate equity and debt investment opportunities across the U.S. middle market.

Distressed real estate investing has been a key focus for Contrarian since the inception of the firm. Gil Tenzer, one of the three Contrarian partners, is a 31-year real estate veteran and spearheads the efforts of the firm in the real estate sector.

  • Provide joint venture equity for under-performing assets which can be acquired at a significant discount to replacement cost or stabilized value
  • Selectively provide ‘white-knight’ financing to recapitalize distressed property owners, often to facilitate a discounted payoff of an existing mortgage
  • Buy sub and non-performing whole loans at a discount
  • Acquire partial or participation interests of syndicated mortgage facilities

The Real Estate strategy strives to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns, with limited use of leverage, by identifying inefficiently priced, real estate equity and debt investment opportunities spanning all U.S. property sectors. Utilizing proprietary sourcing capabilities and leveraging an extensive network of high-quality local operating partners, the Real Estate team looks beyond “gateway” cities to pursue mid-sized distressed opportunities (minimum investment size of $10 million) generally overlooked by larger institutional investors. Contrarian’s ability to underwrite, diligence and close transactions quickly, combined with a strong industry reputation for integrity, make the firm a preferred counterparty for sellers and joint venture partners that require certainty of execution.

Prospective real estate investments and joint venture opportunities should be referred via email to Gil Tenzer at [email protected]